Princess Saru

I am Princess Saru

A sexual dominator, an intuitive master, a demon

Mature Japanese royalty who knows all about your perversions

The possibilities are only limited by your ability to beg my indulgence

I can make your dreams come true but you probably aren’t worth it

Because I am more beautiful than you deserve

Worship, adore and obey me


Of course you want to be my slave

I will consider it

Send me an email explaining why you need to serve me

Include your questions and wishes if you’d like

If you’re blessed I will respond

I might send you access to my Member Debauchery Page

(for access to private messaging, chat, and video chat)

Eventually. Don’t get your hopes up


Distance training, assignments, private messaging, live chat, video chat


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ALL, and I mean ALL communication is confidential. I work for no one and this is my website. If you’re looking for a porn company go elsewhere.

My only affiliation is with TCM and that doesn’t concern you.